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National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 16-22, 2022

Young Drivers encompasses all drivers aged 15 to 24.  Inexperience, coupled with immaturity, often results in risk-taking behaviors such as speeding, alcohol use, and not wearing a seat belt—all of which contribute to increased fatal and injury crashes.  During 2020 in Louisiana, there were 95 fatal crashes involving drivers aged 15 – 20 years old and 83 fatal crashes involving drivers aged 21 – 24 years old.  There were 8,287 injury crashes involving drivers aged 15 – 20 years old and 7,594 injury crashes involving drivers aged 21 – 24 years old.


To keep teen drivers safer on the roads, all states have enacted Graduated Drivers Licensing (GDL) laws that phase in driving privileges.  Research has shown significant reductions in deaths were associated with GDL laws that included age requirements, a waiting period of at least three months before the intermediate stage, a restriction on nighttime driving, 30 or more hours of supervised driving and a restriction on carrying passengers or the number and age of passengers carried.  A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety reports that 6 out of 10 teen crashes involve some form of driver distraction – including interaction with one or more passengers, using a cell phone, singing/dancing to music, and grooming.


Click here for more information on Louisiana's GDL Laws.



In addition to laws, parents also play a key role in helping young drivers become good drivers. Parents should not rely solely on driver education classes to teach good driving habits.  Parents can also set a good example by practicing safe driving behaviors themselves and requiring the use of seat belts for every seating position, every time.

Louisiana Driver's Guide

Mock Crash Handbook

Young Drivers Coordinator:
Jessica Bedwell

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