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The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission (LHSC) administers the State's highway safety grant program. Louisiana's highway safety program is designed to reduce traffic crashes and the resulting deaths, injuries, and property damage. Programs and projects are administered in accordance with uniform guidelines promulgated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Projects implemented by the LHSC are limited to priority program areas, based on severity of the crash, over-representation, and magnitude of the problem. There are three contributing factors associated with a traffic crash: the roadway and environment, the vehicle, and the driver.

Driver factors (driving after drinking, speeding, not using occupant protection devices, etc.) contribute to some of the most severe traffic crashes. LHSC's highway safety plan seeks to coordinate and unite state and local programs and projects to reduce traffic crashes, deaths, and injuries by focusing on enforcement, public information and education, and legislation.

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