Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety

National Bicycle Safety Month - May 2023

Bike to Work and School Day  - May 17, 2023

Pedestrian Safety Month - October 2023


Walking and bicycling are becoming increasingly popular modes of transportation in Louisiana, and many urban areas have taken this into account when planning roads and intersections. Unfortunately, pedestrians and bicyclists both face distinct disadvantages when involved in traffic crashes: the sheer physics of a faster moving vehicle colliding with a bike or pedestrian often results in the vehicle "winning" the encounter.

In 2020, there were 34 bicycle fatalities and 573 bicycle injuries in Louisiana. Also, there were 146 pedestrian fatalities and 1,124 pedestrian injuries in Louisian. Of these fatalities, 32 percent and nearly 30 percent were alcohol-related for pedestrians and bicycles respectively. It is critical for all road users to remember to share the road with bicycles and pedestrians.

Additionally, everyone must remember to be responsible road users - follow Louisiana laws; wear reflective clothing when walking and biking; wear required safety belts and other safety gear; never drive, walk, or bike while impaired; and always be an alert road user - don't drive, walk, or bike while distracted.